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04 Dezember 2011 @ 13:56
HAPPY 2nd ADVENT to everone! ^0^

Wow, now its only 3 more weeks until christmas.
And I want to make "Bratäpfel"!! But because we do not have an oven, I guess I must just try the microwave-version!

2 weeks later, a korean Friend of mine and I decided to do our private 2-person-xmas-party.
Just because were tired of that, no matter how much you try to make them care, just nobody here gives a fuck about -at least trying to- think about your friends and family during december.
So thats why, after trying for many years, we gave up and just celebrate by ourself. T^T Huu..

So when I cook Bratäpfel now, I just make them onlz for myself, just because I dont want top share anymore!! Wahaha! XD
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