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08 Dezember 2011 @ 21:17
eating out is difficult!  
End of September I got a mail from on of my former coworkers.
And we havent seen each other for a long time, so then she asked me to go out together, to eat dinner.
And she was like "..but now Im so busy with working, so I wont have time until December!"

Okay! O_o.. I never was to busy to eat dinner for like 3 month..but well, Im not Japanese and I do have a private life beyond work
Like, when you ask your friends out, do you usually ask them to meet  a half year later?????? bleee!

But at least today we mailed each other again and could finally set a date..hach..
And its just with so many people here - if youre lucky you can meet then 4 times a year or so..this is so tiresome, really, really really!

At least the Toilet brings me fun!!! XDDD

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